Tax and Accounting Services


Relationships and big firm experience that breeds opportunities.

Our approach to tax and accounting is to pair big firm experience with a strategic understanding of client goals and objectives, gained month by month, through personal working relationships. This takes us well beyond cut and dry accounting services and allows clients to reach their highest potential.

Essential competitive advantages.

Tax and accounting are essential components of complying with Lenders, Banks, Investors, Federal, State and Local municipalities but have larger reaching impact when applied in a concerted way with your overall strategic vision in mind. Like your average tax and accounting professional we know the laws; our value is in how we apply them in proactive ways to further your personal and business objectives. It is what makes Tax a mandatory component of our bundled services and our Accounting important for those in need of selling, acquiring, growing, or just complying with banks and investors.

Tax and Accounting Package Options


Tax Services

Our tax compliance, planning and strategies are in the same league in their quality and sophistication to the big firm offerings:

  • Partnerships, S Corporations, and Corporations
  • Individuals and Trusts
  • Consolidated entities
  • Multi-State compliance
  • Experience in every State, NY to CA
  • Tax Strategies for Businesses and Owners
  • Fixed Assets Management
  • Federal and State Audit Representation

We use the latest technologies to make your tax compliance painless:

  • Efile: We are registered to Efile your business and personal income tax returns in every State.
  • Online Access: All our returns are delivered to you in your very own secure online account so that you can access and view your returns anytime, anywhere. No more stacks of papers you don’t know where to store.

Online Records: Your tax records are uploaded to your account so that when you go to refinance a loan, your records are at your fingertips.

Accounting Services

Our accounting services are essential to maintaining and growing your outside relationships with your business. We bundle these services typically for our larger clients to insure their business results are communicated properly to these important outside interests:

  • Banks
  • Investors and key owners
  • Real estate lenders
  • Key suppliers, partners or landlords
  • Nonprofit state agencies
  • Potential or current acquirers or sellers
  • Leasing agents
  • Parent company

Our accounting services include:

  • Compiled Financials: Your financial results are carefully combed through and presented on our letterhead, issued by our firm, in the most appropriate light within acceptable accounting methodologies to illustrate your results in the most advantageous way.
  • Prepared Financials: Similar to compiled financial statements but with more flexibility in how they are presented and what methods we apply to illustrate your results.
  • Consolidated Financials: We work with subsidiary businesses who are required to report to a divisional head or parent company or your business may grow into several business entities with differing lines of business in which we consolidate your financial results into one cohesive picture of your business.