Welcome to Reinhart

Reinhart is a boutique CPA firm based in Saratoga Springs, New York leading the charge in the new era of accounting services through real partnerships with clients. In the complex business environment of today, you need a dedicated financial team. Whether you’re a multi-million dollar business or a local shop, we become a key component in navigating your successful future through our innovative service bundles.

Bundled Accounting Services

Our long-term partnerships have grown from our experience crafting hand-tailored bundled service packages that contain all of the components you need to make smart business decisions. Our bookkeeping, accounting, tax, and financial strategies or business consulting services are carefully pieced together to fit your current and future business needs.

Boutique Accounting Approach

Our people are energetic and offer intelligent solutions and resolutions for your business. From opening your doors for the first time, to sitting at the table with executives in an acquisition, our breadth and flexibility allows us to act as your CFO, controller, tax director, and staff accountant…all at the same time.

Expect Something Different Here

We’re a little outside the norm of the expected accountant. Our clients are more likely to comment on the impact we’ve had on their lives than the work we do for them on a monthly basis. We show up in a suit when it’s important, but more than likely we will look and talk just like you. Because, we know that meaningful partnerships grow from authenticity.

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