Cloud Computing, An Important Business Tool

Have you heard the terms “cloud computing” or “software as a service (SAAS)” and wondered what exactly it all means?

Many small businesses have moved away from the traditional server sitting in the back closet. These on premise servers mean you have to hire a computer tech, make sure your customers information is secure and worry about cyber hacking and viruses. Many business owners simply want to do what they do best and not lose sleep over a server they never pay attention too. Over the last 10 years software companies have met this challenge and made their programs available to use online without having to load the program, take backups or update the software. Using this software online is what has been termed “cloud computing” or “SAAS”.

In addition to software programs some businesses have moved their entire server to the cloud handing over the responsibility to a specialized server company to maintain and secure the server. These subscription services are not always cost effective but they do significantly reduce your business risk of a catastrophic failure.

These cloud based software packages have made things like tax and accounting more efficient. For example, it allows a CPA and a client to use the same accounting software, at the same time, so that they can discuss items or simply just work simultaneously. Business owners can access their information anytime, anywhere with a simple internet connection.

Our clients all have access to a full version of their QuickBooks on a cloud based server. Gone are the days of burning backups and passing them back and forth. In addition, we can deliver reports, tax returns and other sensitive client information directly to our clients through their client login.

Cloud computing is paving the way for more secure information, efficient work and effect team communications. These efficiencies have allowed the time for more effective services such as strategic business planning for the same price.

As we embrace the evolving technologies of the future, we invite you to join us.